WITHERING NIGHT ”Enlightenment In Darkness”

Razed Soul Production – 2012 – USA

Some days ago I noticed another American band. The duo WITHERING NIGHT put recently their already second ful-length cd on the dark Metal market.

The about 1-minute long intro “Tlamacazle, A Sacrifial Calling” gives a calm, mystic, folkloric impression. This must be on the scrap heap again at the followoing song “ Ancient Wisdom Coming From Cosmic Skies“. You can hear now atmospheric Black Metal with a lot of melody. In the mid tempo area moving songs which resonate with power and darkness. Desperation and hopelessness within one’s reach! Ebedded in dark, melodic song structures. By the use of black Black Metal sounds and melodies develop dark worlds of morbid, bizarre beauty. Icecold and nevertheless of a certain warmness and sustainability. The all in all nine songs are kept relatively calm. It is completely renounced of highspeed thrashing. By the emphatic and variable used growls of vocalist Morbid and the kept in the background drummind they however receive liveliness and aggressiveness.WITHERING NIGHT describe at “Enlightenment In Darkness“ a dark world without light and hope. Death and doom, the pure apocalypse. You should listen to WITHERING NIGHT by all means. It’s worth it!!!!

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