Witchcraft-”Hegyek Felettem”

Neverheard Distro -2013- Hungary

WITCHCRAFT are from Hungary. Already since 1996 active in the underground they released last year their third cd which is called “Hegyek Felettem“. The cd is distributed via Neverheard Distro.
You can hear here primordial Black Metal. Raw and without any technical folderol the all in all eight songs come straight to the point. The listener is brought into pitch-black musical worlds without light and hope. A desperate, extremely depressive atmosphere originates which is very intense and emotional. Conscious kept simple riffs constitute together with forceful bass-lines the musical base frame. Supported by a forceful doubleblast drumming you feel straight send in the good old days of the Black Metal. The distinctive growls are here the icing on the cake. The production receives by short solis now and then a bit alternation which becomes it. Very dedicated and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded you realize that here were no beginners at work. WITCHCRAFT show with “Hegyek Felettem“ with an impressive kind that Black Metal is also in the year 2013 very alive. Here is buying duty for each Black Metal fan!!!!


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