WINTER NIGHTS”An Endless Apocalypse”

Independent – 2014- usa

WINTER NIGHTS are heard from again. After their cd “From Darkness Till’ Dawn“ of 2010 now follows their by now thrid thrick “An Endless Apocalypse“. Also this time released in in-house production label bosses should listen to this cd by all means, too.
But, one at a time. “Uprise And Fall“ initially starts very melodic and bombastic. Orchestral sounds which are relativized at the following song “An Endless Apocalypse“ at the latest. Now, melodic Death Metal is the topic. Endless pain and darkness skilful packed into notes. Worlds of hopelessness and ice paired with melodies. The band name says it all here in a transferred sense! The strong however never overlaying drumming with powerful bass-lines make for the necessary hardness. Supported by the strong-willed growls originates this way the Death Metal base frame. Moderated by melodic riffs develop all in all nine songs full of aggressiveness and hardness. The steady changes in speed additionally cater for motion and energy. The diversified riffs are once more the proof for the skills of WINTER NIGHTS. Very professional and dedicated recorded I can only recommend “An Endless Apocalypse“ to each Metalhead!!!!


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