WINGS IN MOTION ”Wings In Motion”

2011 – Greece

Borned in Greece-Athens in 2008, band Wings In Motion is with us with their 4 track promo… Drummer Defkalion who has worked with George Kollias, a very talented bass guitarist George Madrigal with guitarists Pete Tross and Tasos Asonitis have been preparing the ground, with his strong voice Andre Boutos is directing the team. First track ‘Through The Shadows I Rise’, which I think the most powerfull track of the album, starts with a perfect keyboard that fills up your insides through whole album, integrates with strong riffs and makes you feel its presence. With his brutal and clean vocals Andre Boutos, Tasos Asonitis and Pete Tross’s guitars in a complex structure; they show us what they can do as they are such a young band. Second track ‘Manhunt’continues the first track’s power and by showing, again, the perfect harmony of the instruments, creates the new breaths of this kind of music which I worried about listening to time by time. The melodic atmosphere created by Constantines keyboard and the next track coming without losing its beat, ‘Under A Bronze Sky’s keyboards like Children Of Bodom, are remarkable. But still, in my opinion this track is weaker than the others. Last track ‘Lifetrap’ is starting with a little bit more gothic theme and fried with proggressive effected thrash metal. As the band calls themselves as a ‘melodic death metal band’, I think besides death metal, the heavy part is more predominate and provides a plesant experience with memorable tracks.


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