Demo – 2013 – Finland

The Finns WHITE MIST exist since 2011. In 2013 they released their two-song demo “White Mist“ in in-house production.
The all in all two songs are kept extremely atmospheric. Dense sound ramparts grow which are gloomy and oppressive. With a running time of respectively over ten minutes you must have a lot of stamina as a listener . But, patience and endurance are worth while. Dark Metal sounds which get along without any thrashing and highspeed, generate a calm, solid atmosphere which is little short of scary. Experimental insertions like the use of female vocals (Jasmin Anglem) and keyboard sounds relax the eager situation a bit without thereby to blur the dark character. Conscious kept simple riffs as well as the vocals of guitarist and vocalist Petri Kiili give “White Mist“ the right Doom complexion which becomes it.Very emotional and calm you can recommend this demo to each Doom Metal fan!!!!


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