WEAPÖNIZER ”Weapönizer”

Self-released – 2012 – USA

Wow recently I have got this wonderful underground act from the postman. Weapönzier playing old skull, raw, thrash/crust/black metal mix in this album. Last years this kind of metal is going to be playing too much in the underground era. Weapönizer plays what you expect from a black/thrash metal band in direct way. Speed, dirtiness, deadly agressive guitar riifs and vomitful vocals. You can find one cover from mighty Sodom with Sodomy and Lust s

This album is released by band members, they do not need big labels for it, D.I.Y always works. Let’s talk about the artwork, it’s quite simple hand-work. Both band’s logo and band photo is fitting each other altogether for the band itself… If you like Sodom, Celtic Frost, Impaled Nazarene, Venom etc, I am pretty sure you will satisfied with “WEAPONIZER”…


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