WAY TO END ”Various Shades of Black”

Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions – 2013 – France

WAY TO END from France put recently their already second cd “Various Shades Of Black“ on the scene.

The opener “Sous Le Rangs“ is very calm and sterling. Only accentuated with guitar sounds the listener is abducted in little short of spheric worlds. What already indicates at the end of the song by steadily getting more severe guitars continues at the following songs. WAY TO END offer Black Metal of the special kind. Very avant-garde and experimental sounds which you can’t hear at every Black Metal release. Dark base frames are mixed with partially distorted and untuned guitar riffs. Slowly constructing song structures which end in an inferno of tones and emotions. You can thereby also hear classical tones which perish in a storm of hate, intensity and darkness. It develops a seemingly utter chaos with Black Metal background by the mix of different stylistic elements which are sometimes very abrupt and fast and might be then again tripping. “Various Shades Of Black“ is therefore not for the faint of heart! The strong, emphaticand very emotional growls do one last thing to reinforce this impression! Very compact songs develop which reveal only after repeated listening their mulifacetedness. Nevertheless is the cd very ambitious recorded. Who is not averse of avant-garde Black Metal and also likes weird tones should gain “Various Shades Of Black“ by all means!!!

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