WATAIN ”Opus Diaboli”

His Master’s Noise – 2012 – Sweden

This is the first DVD of this Swedish Black Metal and what they offer on it is a Black Metal Concert that is rare nowadays with all the extreme stuff. I didn’t see Watain live before, so this DVD gives me the chance to see what a Watain concert looks like. You can see everything from skulls, fire, over inverted crosses to blood. All that what might sound familiar to the people that saw also a Gorgoroth concert. I guess that only these two bands use this kind of things for their gigs today. Beside that, the band also looks and behaves very dangerous and dark on stage with all the corpse paint and the gestures. On this DVD you can see that this is a very professional band that does a lot of rehearsals before the concerts so that they sound on them as well as on their albums. This DVD was recorded at their 13-th anniversary concert in Stockholm/Sweden and it looks like they are very popular there in their homeland. The track list for this concert was mostly from their last album which seems to be the best album from them. Too bad that this was a short concert with a length of only 80 minutes and with songs mostly from their last album. I don’t want to sound spoiled, but I expect more from an anniversary concert and specially when the band records it and releases it as a DVD. A longer DVD would be very nice. Also, between every song there is a statement from the singer who speaks about the band. This is not part of the concert, it is recorded in a room where he sits between candles, etc. and that shortens the concert as well. During those statements, there are also some pictures of a man walking by the shores. A little bit longer and with older stuff wouldn’t hurt anyone and it would make it more interesting. Beside the DVD, there is also a CD with the entire concert.

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