WARCRY ”The Beserker’s Rage”

Eigenproduktion – 2012 – Greece

Recently a cd of a Greek duo called WARCRY felt into my hands. They already dumped last year the album “The Beserker’s Rage” on the dark Metal market in in-house production.

My ears hear here Black Metal tones with some Death Metal influences. Variegated to an epic, intense, black musical mass. The all in all six songs are very energetic and go forwards. You can literally feel the energy of the music by the use of Death Metal riffs and powerful drumming. Aggressive and neverending dark with distinctive growls the two gents of WARCRY give rise here to impressive melodies. But, don’t worry! There are also calmer, little short of epic seeming passages at “The Beserker’s Rage”. Icy, dark musical worlds of morbid beauty develop by the game of tempi and the skilful mixture of hardness and melody. “The Beserker’s Rage” got a very worth hearing cd which captivates by independence and clarity. I can only recommend WARCRY!!!

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