WAN – Gammal Ar Aldast

The Swedish band WAN are already old hands in the Metal music business. Since 2009 on the way as a band the men released in December 2018 their latest opus, the cd “Gammal Är Äldst“ via Carnal Records.

You initially might think, no, not again a Black Metal release. Already listened to a thousand times and continually repeating. But, no! It isn’t that way here! The gents know how to surprise the listener. Dark Old School Black Metal base frames turn by experimental blending of Death Metal and even Thrash Metal elements into independent songs which doesn’t sound antiquated at all. Kept in the mid tempo area they are dark and insistently at the same time without thereby being too experimental. At this mixture came out five powerful songs which pack a punch. Get preferably an idea of it yourselves!!!!


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