WALL OF THE EYELESS ”Through Emptiness Demo”

Self-released – 2011 – International

WALL OF THE EYELESS put some time ago their first 4 – track demo “Through Emptiness” on the market. The Swedes published their demo after only as a band their demo in in-house production.

WALL OF THE EYELESS play Death Metal. Raw and impetuous sounds which unite with several Doom Metal influences to a very special musical mixture. Melodic Death Metal riffs now and again which already act alone may make leeway here in Progressive realms once in a while. The use of acoustic guitars and subtle brought in drumming let develop spheric sound frameworks. The listener is taken along in musical dream worlds.But, don’t worry:m WALL OF THE EYELESS are no soft band! The all in all four songs can be little volcanoes from one second to another. By the skilful use of different tempi “Through Emptiness” becomes very lively and multi-variant. Distinctive, powerful growls put yet the final touches to the production.The songs are all of them drawn attention to very intense and effective and make an lasting impression to the listener. “Through Emptiness” has production-wise still potential but it is of pretty good quality for a demo. WALL OF THE EYELESS made everything right here. I am curious what we will hear in the future from the guys!!!!


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