WAKLEVÖREN ”De Dødes Arkiv”

Nesebleedd Records – 2010 – Norway

If a job is done in Norway, there is absolutely a black metal riff in it. Waklevören is a hardcore originated thrash metal band but for a little time, thinking I knew nothing, I was thinking if this band is a black metal originated thrash metal band or not…

I don’t know if it’s Norway’s air, but even this type of bands are dark as night and they love Darkthrone very much… They describe them as Norway’s earth cracking punk metal, but I have to tell that I don’t think that they are that aggressive. Their influences are Darkthrone, Motörhead, Anthrax and Stormtroopers of Death, so to speak.

I see that Kenneth worked with Fenriz on Fuck You All project, which was only active in studio. So sources of the influences are getting more clean 🙂 And don’t forget that Apollyon plays the drums(AURA NOIR,IMMORTAL ,GORGORTH).

We have a good and successful work in here, we can hear punk/thrash and black metal riffs. I suggest you to get this one at once…


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