WAKE ”False”

7Degrees Records – 2014 – Canada

The Canadian band WAKE is already since 2009 active as a band. They put together with the label 7Degrees Records their album “False“ on the market.
It gets here sraight down to the nitty-gritty from the first note on. Grindcore resounds off my loudspeakers. Diversified riffs which doesn’t show a lack of hardness melt with the little short of highspeed drumming to an ultra harsh musical mass. Nevertheless “False“ is no pure thrashing cd. By the skilful use of tempi and also little experiments concerning the riffs now and then the production receives motion and additional energy without thereby to forfeit hardness. The listeners‘ neck muscle is sowith steadily demanded here. But, don’t worry! As the running time oft he songs is relatively short there are enough possibilities to have a short break here and there. The sharp, very emotional vocals is yet the icing on the cake. Very professional recorded you realize here that WAKE knew here for sure what they did. They are succesful with “False“ to deliver a modern, but however very aggressive cd which shows how Grindcore should sound like in the year 2015. Here is buying duty!!!!

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