VYRE ”The Initial Frontier Pt. 2”

Supreme Chaos Records – 2014 – Germany

Only one year after their debut “The Initial Frontier Pt.I“ the Germans VYRE put in December 2014 their follow-up cd “The Initial Frontier Pt.II“ via Supreme Chaos Records on the market.
The second part is also a concept album and again heavy fare. With still more ideas than the previous album you can also hear here complex, interlaced songs. Thereby the musical range reaches from Rock music via experimental music and space borrowings through to dark Black Metal. With caution structured songs whose content and variety are made accessible to the listener only at repeated listening. But, this is exactly what VYRE want. The very long songs force the listener for attention. But, the stony journey is worthwhile. Each song is a pearl in itself. Always kept in the mid tempo area however never stagnant or even boring the gents show us a fireworks of tones and emotions in the form of notes. In spite of all mixes mourning and darkness however prevail at all songs. Sillful drawn attention to VYRE are successful in giving the listener almost perfectly an understanding of their musical visions. A very intense production which demands from the listener a lot of stamina. Professional recorded I can only recommend “The Initial Frontier Pt.II“.


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