VRRJU ”Black”

Demo -2014- Norway

The Norwegian 1-man project VYRJU aka Jan F. Lindso released in December 2014 the debut cd “Black“ with the help of Black Forest Records.
The cd is a mixture of Black Metal and some Doom Metal elements. Kept primordial riffs which can’t deny a Doom touch entering a deadly symbiosis with melodic parts. Thus develop four songs which have an independent identity. The listener is taken along on a very intense musical journey. Continually darkness and loneliness mingles with sorrow and hate. An icecold atmosphere in an ocean of tears and isolation develops which demands a lot from the listener. The extremely intensive and emotional vocals are ear-piercing. Diversified arranged here it is definitely not allowed any boredom to develop Now and then even female vocals are deployed which caters for a bit loosening up. The partially halting riffs reinforce the depressive mood and facilitate a strong feeling of hopelessness. “Black“ is definitely nothing for sissies. You have yet to take time and you must have a lot of stamina in order to get to know the opus in all its facets. But, it’s definitely worth the effort. Listen to VYRJU. You won’t regret it!!!!


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