Black Plague Records – 2013 – Norway

VREDEHAMMER are heard from again. Once as quasi 1-man project of vocalist and guitarist Per Valla initiated the Norwegian trio will release in March 2013 their already third EP “Mintaka“ via Black Plague Records.

It is here about a not easy to describe EP. Black Metal base frames are the foundation of the all in all four songs. They are musically filled with all kinds of experiments. Dark tones which interfere darkness and hopelessness mixed with melodic parts to an independent mixture. This mass sounds modern and nevertheless dark and hard. Regardless VREDEHAMMER also avail themselves of known riffs (For example of STORM) without thereby loosing its independency. The vocals are clean and vigorous. They also makes leeway to Doom realms now and then. “Mintaka“ definitely goes forwards and sparkles all over with energy and power.. Severe doubleblast drumming gives the production additional hardness and sustainability. Forceful guitars put the final kick to the production. Very technical recorded you can literally hear with each note joy of playing and dedication. For everyone who likes modern Black Metal anno 2013 a must!!!

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