VORZUG ”Call of the Vultures”

The American band VORZUG released last year theit first full-length cd called “Call Of the Vultures“. They are supported by Apollyon Entertainment.
The infernal musical thunderstorm immediately starts without a warning. Hard Death Metal mingle here with melodic influences to an independent musical mass. Thereby the boundaries seem to be fluid. Nevertheless the production has sufficient hate and rage intrinsically in order to make a lasting impression on the listener. Thereby VORZUG display a proper speed. This is however relativised a bit by variations in speed without thereby loosing sight of the actual gain. The outstanding, strong-willed dark growls are the icing on the cake yet. They fix into the auditorial canal and make a lasting impression. Little short of halting riffs now and then yet reinforce the depressive, misanthropic mood. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Call Of The Vultures“!!!!


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