VOMITORY ”Carnage Euphoria”

Metal Blade Records – 2009 – Sweden

Swedish Death Metal band Vomitory is again with us as strong as before. Vomitory had a good place among Death Metal bands with Blood Rapture, continued their good work with their two studio albums and became stronger with the album Carnage Euphoria.

The album has a high tempo from the first song to the last. The brutal vocal -which i think has a high quality- has a tiring and boring tone. However its still so good. They used both melodic and technic melodies on guitar riffs and this makes the songs almost unforgettable. These melodies may cause you to jump around and to do a summersault(the 4. song Ripe Cadavers). They have a very clean bas guitar sound except some solo parts. In fact, since the album has a good place in the cleanness-dirtiness scale basses sound cleaner. The variety of solo styles make this album more listenable.

Shortly, if you want to listen a melodic destruction, this album really works and satisfies you.


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