Viragha / Frostagrath “Split – Dusk Shall Remain”

Rigorism Records – 2013 – Egypt/Sri Lanka

FrostAgratH is heard from again. The split cd “Dust Shall Remain“ was brought together with VIRAGHA into being and was put on the market in July 2013 via Rigorism Production.
It is about respectively two songs of the above mentioned bands. The 1-man project FrostAgratH comes in spheric as it is usual. Dense sound walls of ice and hopelessness develop. Depressive Black Metal which can’t be more emotionally charged. The first song “Tears Of Desolation“ gets along quite without vocals. Supported by synthesizer sounds the song nevertheless spreads out its depressive impact. “ And finally, the Death Caverns Will Carry Out My Soul“ is still more in-depths. Lord Mist screams here his mind to the heavens and seems to turn out his innermost part. The game with tones and atmosphericc sounds gives rise to feelings of loneliness and isolation up to the pain barrier. With over 16 minutes running time the unity of the song is spread only at repeated listening in its whole variety. FrostAgratH gives here once again proof of his musical skills in the Depressive Metal area and he doesn’t disppoint his fans! VIRAGHA is also a Depressive Black Metal project. More intense screams supported by melodic keyboard sounds make the two songs to an extremely intense experience. On the edge of insanity is shouted out here the hate and the despair of the entire world. Not easy to consume food which is also very compact and multifarious and which puts the listener to a big severe test. Have you first of all got yourself into this split cd you won’t forget it that fast. “Dust Shall Remain“ makes a lasting impression on the listener! I can only recommend this cd!!!!


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