VIOLATOR ”Annihilation Process”

Kill Again Records – 2010 – Brazil

Brazil fed me well this year, approximately, 5 out of 10 bands I reviewed are from Brazil. I have to say that Brazil is one of the milestone countries for thrash metal. Vialator is a new band, emerging in 2000s, but they are tyrant, aggressive and threatening… You’ll understand when you hear the riffs coming from 80s and 90s. Powercourt riffs, aggressive drums, thin vocal, there is some Bay Area influence but a little Sepultura and a little Destruction, it is delicious. I liked that.

This album is an EP, published by Kill Again Records. I want to congratulate Kill Again Records for making underground demos, splits, albums etc. Underground is very different in South America, soul isn’t lost. There are some people who still collects casettes, CDs etc. Announced to the MP3 player metallers…

If you love carcass, ugly, beer vomiting thrash metal, you should listen…


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