Hail….How is life over there?
Hello Mystis. Everything is all right over here, thank you for asking. Not doing that much these days. I hate summertime, actually. I hope that Autumn will arrive soon here. That will give me new inspiration.

I know the following album will be released in August 8….Whats next?
The new album is supposed to be released on August 8th, yes. Currently I am not sure if it’ll be delayed or not. As it seems, "Der letzte Winter – Der Ewigkeit entgegen -" will probably be released in September, not before. We’ll see. What’s next? Well, two new cd’s (US-Version of the new CD and a Vinterriket/Northaunt Split CD) will be released at the same time in August  on Flood The Earth Records (US). I’ve been looking for a company to release a US-version of the new record  "Der letzte Winter – Der Ewigkeit entgegen- " and FTE Records (US) showed interest in it. I have worked with FTE in the past  (Winterschatten – release) and I am very satisfied with their work. The Vinterriket/Northaunt CD was supposed to be a three-way  split but it turned out to be a pure two-way split which is great anyway,… I am really looking forward to the release of both  albums in August. Both releases differ a lot: The Vinterriket/Northaunt release is a pure Dark Ambient release, feat. only dark, melancholic, cold and depressive synth soundscape from both projects. The other CD coming ("Der letzte Winter – Der Ewigkeit entgegen -") is more in the "Black Metal-vein". As I said, the official German-release should also be out in August/September, wel’ll see… The Vinterriket/Northaunt CD will feature the tracks from both Split EP’s (2002/2005) plus two unreleased tracks from the "Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit" session on the Vinterriket side and one additional track from the first Northaunt CD.
Pure nature-inspired desolate synth soundscapes. Turn off the light and njoy the trip… Besides this not much is planned at the moment. E.g. there’ll be released some MC-versions of different records and some new shirts, that’s it, basically.

About this album,what do ya think about that? Is there any principal difference?
I prefer to describe the style as follows: Cold chords and stirring hypnotic riffing paired with haunting and cold synthetic soundscapes evoking an chilling atmosphere full of bleakness, coldness, desolation, solitude, emptiness, melancholy, darkness and nothingness,….. The bleak mourning of desolate idleness within eerie and misty sonic landscapes. A tribute to the darkest sind of nature… The new album features 9 tracks as a tribute to nature: Cold, dark and melancholic. It’ll be a typical Vinterriket-album, I think.The new record is more in the “Black Metal” – vein, comparable to the first two tracks of the Winterschatten CD. But more grim, more atmospheric. It has been recorded in January 2005 and will be released in a limited edition DIGIPAK. There’ll also be shirts / posters and so on.

Any session members did ya work with while recording this project? Or completely the art of a man….
Nope, I am Vinterriket and Vinterriket is me. I think that there are only pros being a solo artist. Ok, I am living here in a very small village not far away from the woods. I am living at the border of this village. When I am looking outside my window, I can even see the majestic woods. I like this very much, because in a way I am a quite misanthropic person. I hate big masses of people and big towns. I also totally hate big parties and stuff like that. Most of my time I spend alone and only a few very close persons. The village where I live is also very unknown and not of importance at all. My misanthropic attitude is also the reason that Vinterriket will probably NEVER be a band consisting of more members than me. There are only advantages being alone with Vinterriket. The main one is that I am my own master. I can do whatever I want. Not forced to join any rehearsals with other stupid guys. I can write and record music whenever I want. I can do whatever I want. Nobody is telling me what I have to do. When you are many people in a band you have always to do compromises. When you’re alone you can just do what is in your mind. There is no better inspiration than loneliness (besides the dark side of nature of course).

Lets talk about the time before creating Vinterriket…..
Before I have started Vinterriket I played the guitar in some local (very unknown!) Black Metal bands (more precise: my bands!). Everything not worth to mention by name. We recorded no official Demo or something like that. We just did some rehearsal-recordings and played live a few times here in our area. But soon, I realised that a real "band" is nothing for me. Too many conflicts with other members, to many musical differences. In a way, I am quite misanthropic. I want to be by my own. I hated going to rehearsals etc. The other members turned out to be stupid assholes and our opinions were very different! Besides this I was playing guitar in a Black Metal band called Graven, but I quit due to personal differences and lack of interest. They signed a CD deal when I still was in the band and will release the first CD on Undercover Records now. But I do not want to waste my time talking about this stuff… Because it is not interesting for me anymore. Nowadays I totally concentrate on Vinterriket. Due to making a solo- project I can compose and rehearse all the stuff at home. I am independent from other assholes and I can do what I want now!

What was the main factor of your thoughts that pushed you to create a one-man band Vinterriket?
Vinterriket was founded because of my endless love to the dark side of mother nature. I wanted to express my feelings and the way I see nature through this kind of art in order to satisfy myself. You know, principally I make music ONLY for myself, for nobody else! If others like the music, too: Ok. If not, I do not care at all. Of course it is great to see that many others share the same feelings, that many others have the same visions/ landscapes/ feelings inside when listening to the music of Vinterriket and that many others interpret my lyrics as I’d do myself. Then I see they got the point I want to express. Others listen to the stuff and they understand simply nothing what I wanted to express. But as I said: I do not care at all. Vinterriket is me and I am Vinterriket. No other members have been included in the past.

A tribute to the dark side of the nature…..How do ya keep all that natural feelings inside? What affects you most in the nature?
I am totally into the dark side of nature since I am a little child. This addiction is present since years and will probably never die. I love the coldness of nature, the mysticism, the darkness, the woods, the mountains, the fog spinning a veil of power around the majestic landscape. I have no problem keeping it so powerful to me, actually. As a little child my father always went to me to the woods, to the mountains adn to great mystic and powerful plaves in Nature. Probably this was the beginning,… I am not sure. VINTERRIKET is only influenced by the dark side of nature, nothing else! Sure, you get influenced by many things around you if you want or not, you can even say by ALL things around you: Friends, books, films, landscapes, pictures, etc. But my main source is the "nightside" of nature. Nature is all and everything to me. I am a "nature-child" so to speak and I have a very close relationship to nature. All VINTERRIKET tracks so far have been odes to the dark side of mother nature! Of course I prefer dark, melancholic and moody places and landscapes. I really like to walk around alone in autumn and winter through stormy, snowy, misty and cold woods… We have a lot of great dark and powerful places here in our area where you can really feel the energy and might of nature.

How do ya feel about underground scene? Whose music affects you most?
I am listening to a lot of music: All kinds of music. Ambient/ Industrial/ Classics/ etc. Some Black Metal, too. But I am no longer interested in the current Black Metal scene, to be honest. There are too many shitty bands around copying each other and making the same like others did even better years ago. I am seldomly buying a CD related to Black Metal. There are only a few bands around which are able to catch my attention. Those bands are different, because of their originality and because they are not doing standard- stuff like thousands of others. I will not mention any names… I still have all the old records of the Scandinavian Black Metal bands, for example. Sometimes I listen to them, but I prefer other stuff these days. All the music to which I am listening is atmospheric, dark, melancholic and original. Those parameters should be fulfilled!

Having some side projects means more responsibility and spending some more time and money….So how you cope with all these projects?
Yea, everything is time intensive, actually. To make music is what I want to do. I love it. I am spending almost all my free time for composing music. I like it. I usually use several hours a day to create music,… There are days/ weeks/ months with a big lack of inpsiration/ ideas. On the other side there are days/ weeks/ month where ideas are just flowing out of my head if you understand what I mean. It depends. Nebelkorona is a Vinterriket side-project. It was created somewhen in 2003. Actually I have just created 2 tracks for this project so far which wwere released on a 7” EP in July/August 2004. Nebelkorona is more “romantic” than Vinterriket, I’d say. I prefer to call the style “Dark Romantic Art”. Nebelkorona is more romantic, more livelier than Vinterriket, though it is still Ambient, I’d say. Atomtrakt is bombastic, martial, heroic, atmospheric, monumental, cold, industrialised and militant Ambient. Vinterriket is only influenced by the dark side of nature, nothing more. As for Atomtrakt I can say, the inspiration is more based on destruction, wars, nuclear stuff, and so on.

How do people react when they heard the name Vinterriket and side projects….I mean the institutional stuff…
How is the dialog with the record companies??

Some poeple lime the stuff, some not. I do not care that much about that, actually. I got many positive reviews in the past and it’s cool of course. Nice to see that many poeple share the same feelings. I also get a lot of bad reviews but I do not care at all. I mean, once you’re creating art (paintings / lyrics / music or whatever) you’ll get positive and negative feedback. That’s quite normal… I am quite happy with the record companies I am currently working with,…

About Turkey….Which bands and other people that you stay in touch? Is there any futural projects our country?
Well, to be honest, I know nothing about your country,…. I know nobody from your country personally. I get some e-mails
from time to time from your country, but that’s it,… I also know no bands from your country.

All over the world fans get your art whenever they want easily…But I am sorry to say that your art reaches a few people in Turkey although having some strong companies….Comparing both sides so whats the main reason of this?
Vinterriket is very well distributed throughout the world, I think. Many of the releases are handnumbered and very limited,this is the main problem I think, that you’ll not see any stuff in your country. Most of the releases in the past are totally sold out. This is mainly because all Vinterriket- releases are strictly limited to a certain amount of copies. Very often handnumbered.There will be no re-press in the future. Especially with the handnumbered- stuff. Handnumbered is handnumbered and limited is limited.
Therefore no repress or second edition. Many of the releases in the past are still available at distributions around the globe. Many people are asking me about special sold- out Vinterriket- releases but I always tell them to keep their eyes open and to look for them in various underground- distributions. Making releases strictly limited guarantees that only true fans get hold of the stuff and that the releases are not available for the wide mass. If somebody is really interested in the stuff he WILL get a copy somewhere and he WILL look for it. I am a big fan of Vinly, therefore a lot of Vinyls have seen the light of day in the past and will in the future,…. Of course some stuff has been released as US-version or on MC and so on,… But most of the original editions are strictly limited.

As a Vinterriket fan, is there any chance that I have to see ya in Turkey?
No plans to come to your country, I am sorry. Well, in the past I always wrote the following when I was asked this question:
Up til now Vinterriket has never played live. Maybe in the future? Who knows… This mainly depends on finding other competent session musicians. The music is mainly pure Ambient as you know. So it is senseless to make live-shows, at least in my opinion. In general VINTERRIKET’s music is absolutely NOT made to be performed live in crappy concert halls. People should listen to it individually at home during the uttermost darkness! I’d not like it very much to play in front of a drunken horde of stupid kids, you know…. If there would be a gig it would be something very special, I am sure. But there are absolutely no plans for a live-show right now. And 2nd, it would be difficult to perform the stuff live, too. But on the other hand I have several offers for live shows lying here. People are asking more and more about it. But I do not know… Maybe I’ll do gig or more in the future, we’ll see what the future will bring. Here’s an official press-statement from early 2005:
As VINTERRIKET has mentioned in several interviews over the last months plans existed to bring VINTERRIKET on stage this Spring with the help of some session
members. Unfortunately those plans are dead now due to one session member leaving the live line-up a few days ago because of several reasons. With his departure the
plans to bring VINTERRIKET on stage are laid on ice now….  Maybe the plan has died forever….

And last….
Nothing to add, I think.

Thanx….Nice talking….Good luck…..Stay in touch….
Thanx for the interview man! Good luck for you and your magazine in the future! Best regards, cz, 21.07.2005,

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