VIN DE MIA TRIX ”Once Hidden From Sight”

Hipnetic Dirge Records – 2014 – Ukranie

Last year the Ukrainian band VIN DE MIA Trix released their cd “Once Hidden From Sight“ via Hypnotic Dire Records.
The cd is a cross section about the bands’ five years work. You can hear here Doom Metal , no more, no less. Darkness spreads. Weighing tons and of unending mourning characterized songs which offer no prospect of hope or light. Halting riffs yet reinforce the bombast and heaviness of the songs. A dense musical wall builds up which you obviously can’t infuse. Mixed with different other musical styles (for example Blues, Death Metal) a certain variety develops which however anything but relaxes the bleared atmosphere or even lights up the darkness. The clean vocal passages yet reinforce loneliness and anxieties. The single songs are very compact and anything but catchy. But barely this fact constitutes the attraction. “Once Hidden From Sight“ is not a fast moving cd. You have to take some time to pick out the all of its particular facets. A very succesful compilation of the bands’ work. Listen to the cd. You won’t be dissappointed!!!!


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