VIIEDEN ”Calamities Inflicted”

Grindbor Records – 2012 – Syria

A short while ago I took notice of a band from Syria. It is called VIIEDEN and released in 2012 a 2-track EP which is called “Calamities Inflicted“.

What does I hear here? Death Metal of the brute kind. The all in all two songs roll like a steamroller towards the listener. Typical Death Metal riffs meet a relentless fast drumming. This is always in the foreground and gives the EP extremely hardness and brutalness. Thereby the riffs can also be briefly a bit halting. The vocals consist of very distinctive growls which partially make leeway to the Grindcore area. This high explosive musical mixture composes the sound of VIIEDEN. Therefore here is headbanging from the first to the last note the order of the day. “Calamities Inflicted“ got a very archaic EP which is thrilling and at the same time very hard. Getting curious? The two songs are both available for a free download at . By the way, the band is currently busy working on new material which shall be released this year! Therefore, open your eyes and wait eagerly for what will might come from the gents in the future!!!

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