VIETAH ”Smalisty Zah”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – Belarus

The second album of Vietah, one man band from Belarus, coldy blows from the cd-rom. The coldness and the darkness starting from the cover of the album continues with the music itself.

While listening, I would like to go their country by collaborating with them. In these times when I miss cold weathers very much and when the weather is like in 7 times below underground, listening these kind of things made me sad.

The album is depressive, cold and dark as I expect from any black metal band. They give no concession in the name of black metal even in keyboards. Also, ambient tracks have the atmosphere of the black metal ones. I always find it normal for people to release these kind of things from the North. If I lived in this atmosphere, I wouldn’t do anything different.

An album that doesn’t bore the listener, you can listen it again and again. I recommend it to the ones who like black metal in depressive and atmospheric mode, very cool work.


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