VIDARGANGR ” A World That Has to Be Opposed”

War Anthem Records – 2016 – Germany

War Anthem Record relaesd in April 2016 the by now second album of the Germans (from Leipzig) VIDARGÄNGR.
The opus starts with “And Death Will Conquer The World“ pretty avant-garde. Very spheric the vocals sound like straight from the crypt. Weird guitar sounds which sound almost like machines. The following song “Burning Abyss“ however shows fast where the musical journey will really lead us to. Black Metal, played extremely brute and primitive. Kept simple riffs which constitute together with the highspeed drumming and the forceful bass lines the base frame. It develop icecold, dark songs which really takes it out of you. The quite emotional growls of P yet reinforce this impression. Rage and despair on a high level. “A World That Has To Be Opposed“ seems to combine the sorrow of the entire world. A morbid roundelay, played in the mid tempo area which leaves no questions unanswered. By the length of the single songs (up to eight minutes) the entire musical spectrum is able to develop well. It emerge partially sound bows which nevertheless doesn’t forfeit of originality and darkness paired with misanthropy. Who likes Old School Black Metal should not skip VIDARGÄNGR!!!!


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