VICTIMIZER ”Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity”

Deity Down Records – 2010 – Netherlands

Extreme and underground death metal listeners might know this band Victimizer from Netherlands. To talk about the band a little, the band was formed in 1996, released their first demo as self-released. After a long break, they recorded something in 2003 and 2007, self-released again. But their real ascending is this album that I’m reviewing now. Its label is Deity Down Records and mix and mastering are by Dan Swanö.

Songs are fast, hard and heavy. I might call their genre extreme death metal. Sound and recording are clean and strong. If they can make a good promotion and presentation, they can make a big impact. But their style isn’t unique to them and this is what I call a ‘missing’. For that reason, they won’t be seen easily among the other bands. They are good at visualities too. They are plain enough, I mean. Album cover and logo tell about Frig dreams. I can’t tell that this band can be listened to by everyone. I can suggest to the ones who like things like Decide, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus. Some attention-taker songs in the album: Reunited for eternity, Past the eulogy and Feeding the rats.


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