Verdict – ” The Meaning Of Isolation ”

Self Released Album – 2013 – Germany

The German band VERDICT are no newcomer anymore. Already since 1991 on the road they released late last year their already fourth studio album which is called “The Meaning Of Isolation“.
The guys show here what Death Metal is. Very technical played the all in all nine songs are from the start energetic and powerful. The strong-willed doubleblast drumming gives the necessary rapidity and hardness. Suported by snotty, hard vocals which yet reinforces the aggressiveness of the production. Diversified riffs which are allowed to be melodic give the main points and nevertheless loose its hardness at no time. Forceful bass-lines complete the musical general view. From all components develops the typical sound of VERDICT. Variations in speed make additionally sure that “The Meaning Of Isolation“ doesn’t gets boring. Mastered by no one else than Dan Swanö the guys did here everything right. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears and very professional I can only recommend “The Meaning Of isolation“ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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