VEKTOR ”Black Future”

Heavy Artillery Records – 2009 – USA

These guys have obviosly been listening to too much Voivod. Just check the logo. There. Looks nice, don’t it? All pointy edges and thick letters, which this writer likes. As for how deep into Voivod tribute these hairy fellas go, the mark of Canada’s ultimate prog-thrash unit is indeed evident, but Vektor also have their own ingredients seasoning this dish. Opener “Black Future” is gloom incarnate as these strapping young lads (for they are but wee lads) churn out endless riffs and one David Desanto does the rapidfire belting as if were still 1987. The song “Black Future” is but a taste of things to come, as Vektor seriously push their retrogressive boundaries on the ensuing tracks.

Musically, the band are bulletproof. You can imagine drummer Blake Anderson,
guitarist Erik Nelson, bassist Frank Chin, and David Disanto guitar duo wasting their teenage years on endless garage rehearsals, perfecting their sound. When other kids got stuck in high school reading Harry Potter and sexting, Vektor were probably in sponge mode, absorbing tons of Slayer, Megadeth, Queensryche, Sodom, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Death, and Morbid Angel. The complexity bedevelling “Black Future” attests to all these influences and even the menacing cover art has a charm of its own.

As for the music, expect to spin this album dozens of times before you can wrap your brain around the tiny details woven into the confusing riff-vortex within. Tracks such as “Destroying the Cosmos,” “Forest of Legend,” and the tongue twisting “Deoxyribonucleic Acid” reflect the band’s parallel ambitions in lyrical themes and proggy experimentation. How one song begins doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll end on the same note; “Asteroid,” “Dark Nebula,” “Oblivion” are equally cluttered affairs stuffed with endless guitar pyrotechnics, serious percussion work, and Disanto’s hilarious vocals. Wait for him to do these shrieks at the end of some verses—it’s a throwback to the time when metal signers were doing Judas Priest/Deep Purple one better and came out sounding girly. Expect “Black Future” to grow into a kvlt favorite in the coming years. It’s just loads of weird fun.


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