VEHEMENT ”All that’s Behind”

My Kingdom Music – 2009 – Italy

The band was introduced as a killer thrash metal in the presentation of the firm which send me the album. “Alas” I said, “here again is a band which could not get rid of oldschool of thrash metal.” But I was wrong.

I more like bands which get free of shrill guitar toned thrash metal. This band can be considered in the taste of more like Slayer or Pantera. Though I do not like Pantera or Slayer, I liked this one, because more modern tecniques are used. Besides, heavy metal influences are also present. With this production and this sound even death metal could have been produced. I like bands which make more modernized works in thrash metal. Rather than sticking to the old, it is more reasonable to improve in music, I think. By this way it is possible to keep thrash metal alive rather than be forgetton and die, Vehement is one of those bands which keeps it up to date. The album s worth listening. Even those, who like old syle, will like it.


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