VEÉR ”The Measure of Waste”

Caverna Abismal / Neverheard – 2009 – The Measure of Waste

Hungarian band Veér was formed in 2009 and they released their first album in the same year. We can see what kinf of band they are from the album cover.

Band makes black metal with a sound that black metal fans would like, and with a clean production. About the style, this is modernised 80’s black metal, and a little influence of punk and thrash metal. It doesn’t matter how high in quality of the recording, still you feel the raw sound and soul of the black metal. Bass guitar tone and not being lost in the music is tasty too.

Gloomy and cold… We used to hear this kind of bands from Hungary and their neighbours, very successful! Suggested to those who like black metal more old headed and pure.


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