VARGSANG ”In the Mist of the Night”

Obscure Abhorrence Productions – 2014- Germany

After several years VARGSANG reactivated his solo project. In form of the cd “In The Mist Of Night“. It is put on the market in 2014 by the label Obscure Abhorrence Productions.
VARGSANG celebrate the Death Metal. Raw, untamed and of infinite coldness shaped songs. Gifted of morbid beauty the all in all ten songs impart loneliness and hopelessness. Conscious kept simple riffs which are pitch-black go deep inward. The listener is carried away on an intense musical journey of no return. The distinctive, emphatic growls yet reinforce the darkness and put the final kick. The Norwegians DARKTHRONE send their regards! For fans of the old Black Metal tones an absolutely must!!!!


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