VALEFOR ”Manifest of Humanity Decay”

Self Released – 2012 – Turkey

Here we have a Turkish depressive black metal band, which is formed as a one man project called Valefor.It is titled as ” Manifest Of Humanity Decay ” and it was released in the begining of 2012. This demo record contains two songs with a decent release of depressive black metal theme .
So ,I point out that this is a demo , I know that the recording will not to have a great sound,so let’s skip this title about the recording quality.The record starts with the song called ,”Manifest Of Humanity Decay” which have a dark sound of keyboards,riffs and have some touches with a low performance in drums,and I really do not like that drum sound and performance.
After that ,the vocals begin and I am really surprised about these screams what I hear,they are not even worth to take a place in the album.Every time I think that the vocals kick the song to a better place even if a song sucks. The band would continue as an instrumental project ,if vocals are performed badly like this.
And to be honest, music and melodies are done perfectly ,the guitars are having a well-done compose,the keyboards are just like what it must be in this genre.
Then it goes to the second track titled ” Sorrowful Memories” .Guitars and riffs are composed in slow tempo for this track.Actaully I don’t even know,if this project has lyrics or this guy is just shrieking,again I am diassapointed for vocal work.
But keyboards what I am interested in and those simple melodies what I hear attract me into this demo.It’s not supposed to be progressive or whatever,it is just a key work to take me into an incredibly mournful atmosphere. A great effort on lead guitars and the keyboard atmosphere make me to write this review.
At the end, I just want to give the band my personal view in two titles ; if the vocals and the basic drum lines are going to be like what I pointed out , I don’t think that this project is going to have good reactions from the fans.


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