Vailixi -Venus

VAILIXI started in 2018 from a bunch of songs written by the bass player of the former metalcore band “Sin circus”. He challenged the use of guitar instead of bass to get heavy toned riffs. Later that year, drummer, singer and another guitar player joined the band, giving life to VAILIXI. Fun fact the band has two bass players, both playing the guitars but no bass.
VAILIXI got its name from the mythologic cigar-shaped flying machine of Atlantis. The songs talk about a trip into space, the music genre is a mixture of catchy riffs and melodies flying around stoner, metal and alternative rock with the healthy groovy attitude of the ’90s. After one year the band recorded an album and started playing their first gigs. VAILIXI are now ready to jump on their space van and get on stage to make it louder, messier and crazier than ever!
Production: Mose’s Production e Cristiano Tommasini Director: Andrea Moserle Director of Photography: Matteo Chiarini Editing: Matteo Chiarini Executive Production: Mattia Conati Techinic/Runner: Vanni Berzacola e Ivan Quarella Arts and Creations: Alessandro “The Remakewarrior” Chini Beauty and food: Martina De Guidi

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