UNEARTHLY ”Flagellum Die”

Shinigami Records – 2013 – Brazil

UNEARTHLY are from Brazil. Already since 1998 together as a band they were in the year 2014 successful in convincing Metal Age Production to re-release in May the already in the year 2011 published cd “Flagellum Dei“.
What can I expect here? To categorize the music of UNEARTHLY is not that easy. Modern Death Metal with numerous Death Metal influences (Or with pleasure in reverse) are here the subject. Very technical played the all in all eleven songs all move in the upper mid tempo area. Hard thrashing which gives the main points is responsible for the hardness of the production. Together with the super fast doubleblast drumming it results in the musical base frame of “Flagellum Dei“. Aggressiveness and hate within your reach. The listener has hardly time to breathe air. The speed is non-essential restricted the entire running-time so that each note make sure to propel the cd forwards. The dark, energetic growls of vocalist and guitarrist Felipe Eregion cater for the necessary darkness and coldness. A rollercoater of emotions develops which thrills the listener from the first to the last minute. Preferably listen to UNEARTHLY yourself and contitute your own opinion. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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