UNCONSECRATED ” Unconsecrated”

Dan’s Crypt Records – 2008 – Spain

The Spanish Death Metal band UNCONSECRATED are heard from again. In the year 2013 officially split-up the label Dan’s Crypt Records releases now their first two demos (“Unconsecrated Cemetery“ and “Dark Awakening“) in the form of a cd.

The listener can expect here Old School Black Metal through and through. Kept simple Death Metal riffs warm up here properly with a powerful drumming. Conscious kept primordial they convey darkness and hardness. The all in all thirteen songs all move in the mid tempo area without thereby being lame or even slumbrous. Diverse breaks and changes in speed make the two demos lively. The forceful bass lines yet put the final kick and round off the sound thunderstorm positively. The emphatic pitch-black growls of vocalist Kent clinches the unholy interaction. Here rotates the neck muscle! The halting passages reinforce hate and brutality and give some time to breathe a little bit to the listener. Productional the cd is also recorded without any hightec and experiments which rather benefits the entire character than disturbs. Who wants to know how Old School Death Metal really sounds like should grab here by all means!!!!


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