Unaligned Published A Lyric Video For “Void Wraith”

The second single and closing track (on the album) "Void Wraith" off the debut album "Inner Dimensions" OUT APRIL 22nd.

Official Press Info of This Song 

The second single and closing track (on the album) “Void Wraith” off our debut album “Inner Dimensions” OUT APRIL 22nd. Preorders exclusively through Bandcamp! (Link below) LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the video!

Video by Andrea Mantelli Productions, Mixing and Mastering by Mike Low (The Artisan Era, Inferi), Drums by Jack Blackburn (Demon King, ex Vital Remains, ex Inferi), Lyrics and Vocals by Andrew Guia (Withered Throne), and Guitars and Bass by Taylor Tidwell (ex Accursed Creator, Etheorist), Album artwork by Erskine Designs, Single artwork by Andkill Designs, Logo by Moonroot Logos.

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