TYR – “Valkyrja”

Metal Blade Records -2013 – Faroe Islands

This is the first album from Tyr which is now released over the label that there are on now. Musically, it hasn’t changed very much since their last album and you already know what you will get from this album just by listening to their previous releases. Lyrically, it is also the same. Personally, I must say that is starting to be somehow boring. I don’t like it when a band uses their style to the maximum without showing any kind of will to experiment with their sound or try something new. Of course that it is good when you have your own style and the people can recognize you by your style, but after 6 or 7 albums it is about time to do something different. This way this is just another album, especially when it doesn’t have any kind of hit or even hits on it that makes it better than the other albums.


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