TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE ”A New Code of Morality”

Comotose Music – 2014 – United Kingdom

A New Code of Morality album released on April 29th 2014 through Comatose Records. Twitch of The Death Nerve is a band from the UK and consist of Tom Bradfield and Tom Carter from INFECTED DISARRAY and BEEF along with session drums “Lille Gruber”.
If you want brutal, then this is where you will find it. The album waste no time in bringing the intensity. Great production, solid low tuned guitars with many dis-harmonic passages and devastating double bass kicks to make you want to punch everything in sight. A mix of low growls and pig squeals, almost reminds me a bit of early Brain Drill or Cerebral Bore. Each track is relentless in its delivery, there are moments of slow mosh style beats but only last long enough for you to pick up your brains from the floor before destroying you yet again. “Made Loose, The Bonds of Piety”, a great track that gives a good balance of speed and grind. Chunky gritty riffs and pommeling bass are spread about without much discrepancy. There is also a good amount of samples layer across the album but are done tastefully so that is not redundant. Overall a sick twisted mind smashing experience. Fans of pure adrenaline aggression grind must check this out


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