TSUBO – …Con Cognizione di Causal

Eclectic Productions – 2012 – Italy

Eclectic Production published already last year a pretty interesting cd. There is talk of the Italian band TSUBO and their opus “…Con Cognizione di Causal“.
What can I expect here? TSUBO play severe Death Metal. Hard and relentless blow up the riffs in the listener’s face. These go partially in the Grindcore area. In spite of it all they are diversified and uncompromising. The little short of non-human doubleblast drumming bangs like volleys of gunfire into the auditory canals and sticks here. Together with powerful bass-lines develop all in all twenty energetic songs which are harsh and strong-willed. The listener receives here from the first to the last minute a full service in the matter of Death Metal and brutality. Very professional recorded I can only recommend “…Con Cognizione di Causal“! Listen to the record and see it for yourselves. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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