Self-released – 2010 – Spain

I guess it’s been a long time for listening black metal from spain. I don’t remember any of all :)) Trollfastheart’s first album released in november as self released pro-cdr format. I’m sure it has a place in underground already. It will be a good idea to check distros. There will be interesting things like this.

Trollfastheart is a “One man band”, formed in 2008 and released a demo. So this is second product of this band… Covers are very successful even it’s self released. You can see the only member of band in Kadgar Abÿfs’ and Icepressive’s stuff.

Album played with great black metal guitar tone and grim black metal riffs. In album, drums programmed like every one man band, but there is not problem with drums. In fact, drum tones are very good but it appears that is not aqustic.

Vocal is so bald in some songs.It would be nice if there is some efects. I mean echo or reverb not like another voice changing..

Generally when you see the trolls you can think this is different underground style but it is “black metal”. Kadgar didn’t give an inch about this point. Check out, if you are curious about underground stuff.


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