TROBAR – ” Charivari”

Self Released Album – 2014- Canada

Anybody can make a cheesy, forty minute long folk album these days. Some of them are even fun

but let’s be honest the majority are a tired, clichéd let down! I’d imagine that’s the reason why

Canadian folk metal sextet Trobar have decided to steer clear of the comedic style and have instead

created a debut album of epic lengths (70 minutes) and serious, diverse themes, moods and styles.

This my friends is “Charivari”, a blend of essentially folk metal but with influences ranging from

black metal in the guttural vocal work, psychedelic doom with the use of the organ, bringing to mind

music ranging from The Doors to Jex Thoth & Blood Ceremony and straight up heavy metal! This is

an eclectic smorgasbord of sounds, tones and moods, superbly crafted through a great sense of song

writing. Add into the mix peaceful piano tones, groove driven bass solos and lots of pan pipes and

flute rhythms and you literally have it all, a multi-cultural sounding slice of diverse, endearing metal

all wrapped in the trimmings of folk music! Superb!


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