Traverse the Abyss – Faucet Mouth (Official Music Video)

Scranton, PA Heavy Metal hard hitters Traverse the Abyss come out swinging with “Faucet Mouth”, a fusion of Groove Metal and Metalcore. The song comes out the gate with blast beats & big chords followed with a crunchy guitar lines that lead into the driving groove that carries out the track.

The band states that “faucet mouth” is a person who runs their mouth spewing garbage when they’re are upset or angry over actions that were their own doing. Like turning on a faucet, it just pours & pours.

The band decided to go in a more comical approach with the music video following up on silly videos like Blink 182’s “All the Small Things” & Eminem’s “Without Me”. You see the band portrayed as flashy rappers, country bumpkins & metal “through the ages”.

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