THYRIEN ” Hymns Of The Mortals-Songs From The North”

Massacre Records – 2014 – Finland

The Finns THYRIEN are heard from again. After the cd “The Frozen North“ in the year 2007 they put at the beginning of the year their first full-length cd “Hymns Of The Mortals – Songs From The North“ via Massacre Records on the market.
You can hear here a mixture of Death Metal and Folk Metal. Melodic Death Metal base frames which are hard and dark combine with several Folk Metal elements to an independnet musical opus. Extremely melodic riffs which are presented very diversified and synthesizer insertions straighten out the aggressive, tense atmosphere. On the contrary the vocals which commute back and forth from pitch-black growls up to snotty, bold vocals and ensure for the necessary intensity and forcefulness. These are responsible that cold shivers run down your spine while listening. Gosebumps are therfore guaranteed. Supported by a forceful doubleblast drumming pictures of bygone times are alive again. Stories of death and nature from the old days abduct the listener into strange, dark worlds. This journey is very intense and at the same time extremely exciting. Very professional and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded THYRIEN managed to create a thrilling cd which has proper bite. Listen to “Hymns Of The Mortals-Songs From The North“. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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