Seasons of Mist – 2015 – Hungary

After 3 years of silence, the Hungarian band Thy Catafalque released a new album. So far, they proofed to have interesting ideas for their music and in this manner, they continue also on their new album. They for sure are very progressive when it comes to their approach to music. On the new album there are a lot of interesting and new ideas comparing to their previous albums like Chinese music for example. There are 9 songs here on this album from which 4 of them are under 3 minutes long and 3 of them are around 5 minutes while the other 2 are around 15 minutes long each. “Oldo formak a halal titokzatos birodalmab” is the most interesting one here on this release do to the mix of different styles and atmosphere that are combined here in it. It has everything, from Metal over some Prodigy vibes to some slower atmospheric parts. The only minus here for me on this record is that it is more aggressive comparing to “Rengeteg”. OK, a lot of the atmosphere is still here, but I think that the strength of Thy Catafalque is more in the slower parts than in the aggressive parts here from Sgurr.


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