THUNDERWAR ” Birth Of Thunder”

Independent – 2013- Poland

Only recently I discovered a production made in Poland. There is talk of THUNDERWAR who already released late last year their CD “The Birth Of Thunder“ in in-house production.
What can I expect here? The gents play melodic Death Metal. Screaming guitars mix with an aggressive drumming to a melodic mass. However it is anything but Pop music. Very diversified riffs which offer everything from typical Death Metal right up to melodies form the base frame. The drumming caters for the necessary hardness and self-assertion, but superimposes at no time the production. Hate and beauty give a rendezvous. A certain aggressivity let “The Birth Of Thunder“ however show permanently which though becomes it. In addition the aggressive vocals of bassist and vocalist Kamil “Madness“ Mandes which which put the final touches to it. The bands’ versatility is once more obvious at the instrumental song “The Birth Of A Thunder“. Very dedicated and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded THUNDERWAR show that you can also make diversified Death Metal far from lethargic thrashing without thereby sounding soft. Listen to the four songs. It’s worth it!!!!


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