Svarga Music – 2012 – Ukraine

The Ukrainians THUNDERKRAFT put last year their first full-length cd “Totentanz“ via Svarga Music on the scene.

I find it difficult to classify THUNDERKRAFT musically. Electronic, more in the Industrial corner going tones mingle with very orchestral tones to an independent musical mass. The production receives the necessary hardness by slipping in some Death Metal parts by the gents. This results in the very own bands’ sound. While adding keyboard parts develop surreal musical worlds of bizarre beauty. Thereby the brutal side is however never forgotten. Nevertheless “Totentanz“ sounds rather like a very modern Industrial production than like a Death Metal cd. The space-like, progressive speckles as well as the Pagan Metal borrowings here and there give the cd independence and an own musical face. Chaos and destruction skilful packed in tones. Icecold sounds which come in completely cruel and cold and then again melodic. Technical impeccable recorded THUNDERKRAFT show here how a modern Metal record can sound like. For all who are not reluctant of electronic sounds and experiments should listen to “Totentanz“. It’s worth it!!!

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