THULCANDRA ”Ascension Lost”

Napalm Records – 2015- Germany

Thulcandra from Germany just released their third album. So far, they proofed that they are among the best bands in the Black/Death Metal genre which seems a bit empty after the end of Dissection. Again, there are Dissection elements in the sound of this album to hear, but they are getting less now so all the evil tongues out there can’t attack Thulcandra as a Dissection copy cat. I could say that the Thulcandra elements are getting more and more visible and this is good so. I wasn’t a big fan of them, but this album truly showed me that they are not so bad. Seems like I will have to give to the previous two albums another try. But enough about this. The new album has 10 songs on it. The first song “The First Rebellion” is the longest and it fits very well into the role of the opener to this release. It shows all the strength of this band but it doesn’t mean that it ends with it here. The other songs have also killer riffs and blast beats to offer to go forth without mercy. But also slower parts are there and easy the songs at the right moments so it won’t on the other site of the speed limit. “Deliverance In Sin And Death” is a perfect example for this. I might say that this song is my personal favorite song here on this album. “Demigod Imprisoned” opens with some acoustic guitars. After the acoustic part, all hell breaks lose. All in all, an album worth listening to. Even for those who didn’t like so far.


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