THRONE OF HERESY – ” Realms of Desecration”

Self Released EP – 2013 – Sweden

The Swedes THRONE OF HERESY recently released a teaser for their next cd in the form of a 3-track EP called “Realms Of Desecration“.

The guys play Death Metal through and through. Powerful and strong-willed riffs which tell of never ending pain and hate are presented here multi-variant. Forceful bass lines seem to be supportive and reinforcing. The doubleblast drumming has indeed punch, but never superimposes the all in all three songs. Melodic solis cater for the necessary drive and dynamics. The dark growls give additionally the main points. You can even hear slower passages which facilitate rage and energy even more intense. THRONE OF HERESY are with “Realms Of Desecration“ successful in working out very well the divergence between beauty and hardness. Very dedicated and professional recorded I can only recommend “Realms Of Desecration“!!!!


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