THINE ”Thine EP”

Demo – 2013 -Austria

We don’t know since yesterday that Austria has a number of good Black Metal bands. Recently I reached a cd of the 1-man project THINE. The identically named cd was published last year by # in in-house production.
To describe the music of THINE is difficult. Gloomy, imbued with full of melancholy and murning Black Metal songs which are able to take full effect also without any technical folderol. Musical worlds of ice and darkness rise from the depth and cast a spell over the listener from the first note on. Thereby “Thine“ gets along without any abrasive thrashing. Compact, sophisticated arrangements which get across the hardness and beauty at the same time. It is just this opposite between melodies and the cold Black Metal which generates a most notably atmosphere. The all in all five songs go deep inwards with full of hopelessness and hate. They affect the listener and doesn’t let go him that fast. Melodic insertions yet reinforce depression and emptiness. The emphatic vocals which is very emtional gets under the skin. The synthesizer piano passages also reveal the symbiosis between light and darkness very distinctive. No easy to consume food and a good thing, too. A very emphatic cd which owns an identity of its own and is great fun to listen to. I can only recommend THINE and I am curious of further stuff from # in the future!!!!


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