THEVETAT ”Disease to Divide”

Dark Descent Records – 2012 – U.S.A.

Last year the Americans THEVETAT released last year their demo “Disease To Divide“. They are thereby no novices anymore. The band already exists since 2004.

You can hear here real Old School Death Metal. Hard drummings with dark Death Metal melodies unite to a powerful, deadly mass. Partially halting riffs give the production an independent note. The ear-piercing pitch-black growls of vocalist Matthew Szabevicz make a lasting impression to the listener. The all in all three songs have punch and go forwards. The partially arbitrary riffs wich can be the next moment again traditional relax the whole without thereby loosing its hardness. The songs all move in the middle to upper mid tempo area. Therefore here is headbanging from the first until the last minute the order of the day! THEVETAT play very ambitious and involved. Fort each fan of brutal Death Metal sounds ala BOLT THROWER and MORBID ANGEL is “Disease To Divide“ an absolutely must!!!

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